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Parliament Panthers Swim and Dive Team 2022

parliament pool swim and dive team
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2022 Swim and Dive Information

The Parliament Panthers swim team competes in Division 15 of the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) and the Dive Team competes in Division 6. The NVSL was founded in 1956 to sponsor competitive swimming events and activities among community swimming pools of Northern Virginia, and to develop in the children participating in this program -A love of the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship.

We are excited for you to join the Parliament Panther teams this summer! All levels of swimmers and divers are encouraged to join. The swim team participates in both Competitive "A" meets on Saturday mornings and Developmental "B" meets on Monday evenings. Whether you are a beginning swimmer or a Junior Olympian, we are excited to have you on our team. Our goal is for each swimmer to improve their swim skills as well as develop relationships with neighbors and teammates and most importantly.... have fun.

We are the Panthers, the Mighty Mighty Panthers! While some big cats don't like water, Panthers are among those that love to cool off, play and hunt in the water and they spend a lot of time doing these things. Panthers are highly intelligent animals as well as being fearless and powerful. They are adaptable to various environments and love to sneak up on their prey. We are proud. We are fearless. We are the Parliament Panthers! Let's Go Panthers!

Things you can do/find on SwimTopia

  • registration
  • sign up to volunteer for a swim or dive meet
  • access the swim and dive calendar of events
  • receive communications from the coaching staff and Team Reps
  • declare availability for A Meets
  • register for events for B Meets

Practice Schedule:

Swim Practice
           Dive Practice

May 31-June 10

13 & up 4:10-5 pm
9-12 y/o 5-5:40 pm
8 & under 5:40-6:10 pm

              4-5 pm
              5:10-6:10 pm

June 13-July 22

13 & up 7:50-9:00 am
9-12 y/o 9-9:50 am
8 & under 9:50-10:30 am

               7:50-8:50 am
               8:55-9:55 am

Who Can Join Swim Team?

In order to join the Parliament swim team, you must first be a member of Parliament Pool. To join Parliament Pool, visit the pool website. Swimmers need to be between the ages of 4-18 and be able to swim one length of the pool in order to join. Swimmers 9 and over need to swim two lengths of the pool in meets. Swimmers will be evaluated the first two weeks of practice to ensure they are safe to be on the team. 

Not sure if swim team is right for you?
All swimmers are encouraged to try swim team for the first week. If it's not a right fit for you, your registration fee will be refunded. Note: you must register and pay before trying the team. If you chose not to participate, your registration fee will be refunded. 

Mini Panthers

Mini-Panthers or "Minis" are our youngest swim team members who are still working towards swimming a full 25 meter length at the beginning of the season. They are generally ages 4-7 years old. The Mini-Panther program is for stroke development. As the child develops their skills they will be moved to the 8 and under full lane practice. Visit the Minis page for more information about what determines if your child is ready for minis and for more about the minis program. All children will be evaluated during the 1-2 weeks to determine whether they are ready for Minis or if they need more swim lessons.  If your child is not ready for Mini Panthers, the Pool offers group swim lessons. Click here for more information about group swim lessons at Parliament.

Who Can Join Dive Team?

Divers must also be members of Parliament Pool. However, if you are a member of another NVSL pool that does not offer a Dive Team, you can join Parliament's team. Please contact us for more information.


**New for 2022** We will be accepting payment by Check AND Credit Card this year!**

Registration Fee: $140 per athlete

There is also a $100 refundable volunteer check due at the time of registration. Your check is only cashed if you do not meet the volunteer requirements by the end of the season. If you pay by credit card, we will "hold" this fee until the end of the season and will only charge your card if you do not meet the volunteer requirements.

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