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Dive Volunteer Info

We LOVE our volunteers!

If you're a new parent or need to warm up to volunteering at a dive meet, we recommend volunteering to be a meet/table worker, the announcer, or volunteering for concessions.

If you're a returning parent, we recommend that you attend a meet/table worker and/or judges clinic and consider volunteering for either of these positions.

If you're an experienced judge (at least two seasons or experience with other teams), we recommend that you attend the referee clinic and consider volunteering for this position.

All of the following volunteer training sessions for 2022 will be in-person. Locations listed below are Norther Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) Pools. If there is a sign-up link, we will post here and send out via e-mail.

June 5 
8:30am. Team Reps clinic at Sideburn Run.

9:45am. Meet/Table Workers and Judges clinic at Sideburn Run.

June 7
6:30pm. Referee clinic at Truro.

June 11 
4:00pm Coaches clinic at Camelot.

June 12 
2:00pm. Referee clinic at Chesterbrook.

June 15

6:30pm. Judges clinic at Truro.

June 22 
6:30pm. Judges clinic at Camelot.

Who are those people in white shirts and blue shorts?
Those “people” are the parent volunteers! NVSL requires volunteers to wear a white top and navy bottoms (no jeans). Most youth sports only require three or four parents to run the team, but diving isn’t like that. You can’t run a dive program without significant parental help. The great thing about most volunteer opportunities for diving is that they are right there where the action is and you won’t miss your diver’s turn on the board.

Volunteer Requirements
Each family is asked to volunteer at 3 dive meets during the season. All materials for the Referee, Judges, Announcer, and Table Workers are provided. Each family will give a $100 check payable to “Parliament Panthers” at the time of registration. This check is only cashed if you don’t meet your family volunteer requirements. We don’t want your money though, we want your help! Panther families are amazing volunteers and we look forward to the same this year.

Concession Donation
In addition to volunteering, every family is asked to donate 2- 12 packs of soda and an additional item to the concessions (determined by last name) to help get our season started. You can donate any type of soda. Donations can be brought to practice before the first meet and given to the Team Rep.

Volunteer Roles
Below is a list of volunteer positions. Please don’t hesitate to ask about any of these before you sign up for them!

Positions that Require NVSL Training
Referee: The Referee is the chief official of a dive meet. He/she is responsible for the conduct of the meet and is the final authority on the interpretation and enforcement of all diving rules. All referees must have been certified by NVSL Diving within the last two years. Individual participation in the NVSL Diving Referee's Clinic constitutes certification. Individuals must have served as a judge within the NVSL for at least one season to be eligible to attend the referee's clinic and receive certification. The Referee shall serve for the entire meet and must be 19 years of age or older.

Positions that do NOT Require Training

Judges: Training is Recommended but not Required. Five judges serve at each dive meet to score each dive. Two judges are provided by the home team; three by the visiting team. If there is a shortage of judges, the number of judges may be reduced to three. (This is not recommended and should be utilized only in an emergency.). Judges shall be placed in appropriate positions on one or both sides of the diving area within the closest field of view perpendicular to the flight of the dives. Judges shall serve for the entire meet and must be 19 years of age or older. There is no requirement of training to be a judge; however, NVSL Dive does offer judging clinics prior to each NVSL Dive season and those who wish to volunteer as a judge are highly encouraged to attend.

Announcer: This job involves announcing the event information over a sound system so that spectators and divers can follow the flow of the meet. He/She announces the events and the divers. The Announcer announces the dive and the degree of difficulty involved, and calls the scores shown by the judges. The Announcer also provides the names of event winners, the meet score, and other pertinent information. The announcer sits at the main table with the other table workers.

Table Workers: The table workers capture and calculate the score of each dive, determine the order of finish for each event, score the meet, and prepare ribbons for the participants. There are five table workers needed to work a dive meet; 3 home team volunteers and 2 visiting team volunteers. These assignments do not require training; they do, however, require close attention to the meet and to accuracy. NVSL Dive does offer a Table Worker training session once each season.

Set-Up: For home meets, at least two volunteers are needed to arrive no later than 4:30pm to put up canopies, move tables/chairs/benches, and do anything else that is needed to ready the pool deck for the meet.

Concessions: Concession planning is still taking place in anticipation of the 2021 dive season.

We will keep all families informed as decisions are made by Parliament Pool.

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