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Dive Meet 101

NVSL Dive meets are exciting and rewarding events to watch. Our divers work hard before and during each season to master the intricacies of the required dives (front dives and back dives) and increase/solidify their repertoires of optional dives. Diving takes determination, patience, strength, focus, and grace. Good sportsmanship, mentoring of younger divers, learning new dives, and participating in swim/dive social events adds to the fun of the sport.

Each dive meet involves two NVSL teams – a Home team and a Visitor team. NVSL Dive meets are scheduled on Tuesday evenings beginning at 6:00pm. Warm-ups for each team are decided ahead of time by the home team and communicated to the visiting team. Each team may bring a maximum of 32 divers to compete at an NVSL meet. All dives at a standard NVSL Dive Meet are performed on a 1-meter board (1 meter above the water). To participate in a meet, a diver must be able to perform the required and optional dives for his/her age group.

Each diver is placed in a class depending on their age on June 1 st of the year.
10 and under: Freshmen Divers – 2 required dives and 1 optional dive
Ages 11-12: Junior Divers – 2 required dives and 2 optional dives
Ages 13-14: Intermediate Divers – 2 required dives and 3 optional dives
Ages 15-18: Senior Divers – 3 required dives and 3 optional dives

When judging a dive, the following are considered:
- The starting position and approach
- The take-off
- The technique and grace in the air
- The entry into the water

Points are awarded for each dive by the judges. These points are then added up and multiplied by the degree of difficulty of the dive to reach the diver’s score for that dive. 

Once all of the divers in each category have performed their dives, the top three are awarded points for their team: 5 points for first place, 3 points for second place, and 1 point for third place. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the dive meet is named the winner of the meet.

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