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Swim Meet FAQ

How does my child find out their time?

There are a few ways your child can find out their time. The fastest is if they ask the timer! All times from Saturday meets will be on the NVSL website. The times will also be printed on the label for the ribbon. Each swimmers fastest time will be listed on the ladder.

What do I bring to a Meet?

  • Team Swim Suit - swimmers are encouraged by not required to wear the team swim suit. If swimmers don’t wear the team suit, they should wear a similar suit, if possible.
  • Swim Caps and goggles (wear your team suit.) According to NVSL rules, if a swim cap is worn during a meet, it cannot be a cap that represents another team. The cap should either be a Parliament Panther cap, or a generic, preferably solid colored cap. Swimmers should bring an extra pair of goggles in case one breaks.
  • Towel. Every swimmer needs at least one towel for swim meets, the bigger and thicker the better. An extra towel for sitting on is also useful. Please note that an extra towel for parents is handy, as often, the chairs are wet in the early mornings, and need to be wiped down
  • Water bottle and/or light snack. Swimmers should have water or sports drinks and a light snack for the meet such as fruit, granola bars or other healthy foods. They should not hang out at the concession stand.
  • Folding Chairs. Folding chairs are not needed for swimmers at home meets, but may be needed at some away meets.
  • Team Spirit and a great attitude – the most important thing to bring!
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